Fever Pitch

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Fever Pitch

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New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods hits it out of the park with this readerfavorite story.

Cassie Miles was through with baseball players! Never mind that they looked ohsocute in those tight uniforms, her exhusband had been oneand he’d left her to play the field! Now superstar pitcher J. K. Starr was hanging around, trying to befriend her young son and sneak his way into Cassie’s heart.

But soon Cassie had to admit that J.K. was making quite a pitch to win her affectionsand to be more than just an idol to her little boy. His tempting kisses and ardent embraces certainly made her think of more than peanuts, popcorn and hot dogs! Could Cassie ever believe that, when spring training was over, J.K. would be a man for all seasons?

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